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Chicago, IL 60630
Phone: (773) 427-2084
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Email: info@surfacesolutionsgroup.com

Providing the widest range of applied coatings for the Medical Industry.

●  Slick Sil® LSR low friction coating for silicone rubber products, tubing & catheters
●  FluoroWire® PTFE, FEP, PEEK, & PEK coatings for wire products
●  FluoroGlassSM shatter resistant safety coating for glass
●  FluoroBond-RSM low friction coating for polyisoprene rubber and flexible substrates
●  FluoroBond-NTM micron-thin, ultra low friction coating
●  Electro Bond high temperature, non-stick coating for electrosurgical devices
●  VisiMark® permanent marking technology for PTFE coatings on medical devices
●  FluoroMed® Anti-Microbial coatings for medical application 
●  PlastiGlide®  low friction coating on plastic

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