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Surface Solutions Group is the world's largest coating applicator exclusively for the Medical Industry. SSG applies the widest range of specialized coatings for the medical industry in the world.

Surface Solutions Group is a dedicated team of 80 problem solvers. Engineers, chemists, technicians, executives plus a world-wide group of coating experts that collaborate with the focus of producing enhanced medical devices thru the use of coatings and application technology. Relentless research and development have led to the “Designers Dozen®” family of coatings specifically developed for optimizing devices for the medical industry.

Medical Coating Solutions for Every Situation

Medical coatings present a unique situation in that they not only need to be used in a wide variety of procedures (from basic checkups to surgery), but they also have to be of incredibly high quality to ensure they meet sanitary guidelines for patients’ safety. Surface Solutions Group does not take this responsibility lightly. Every medical coating in our portfolio is extensively tested to ensure safety and consistency, while also providing the most innovative technology on the market. Some of our most popular coatings include:

  • FluoroMed®: a low -friction PTFE coating that offers biocompatibility along with a low CoF.
  • FluoroWire®: a low -friction PTFE coating that offers biocompatibility along with a low CoF on nitinol and stainless steel reel-to-reel lengths.
  • VisiMark®: creates Contrasting Color-Permanently Bonded PTFE Markings.
  • Slick Sil®: a low-friction coating for rubber and silicone products such as tubes, catheters, caps, etc.
  • AquaGlide®: a near-zero friction coating for metals, plastics and flexible or rubber substrates when in the presence of fluids.
  • PlastiGlide®: a series of coatings that are resistant to gamma sterilization.

Medical Coating Capabilities: Plastic, Elastomeric, Low-friction, Non-stick, and more!

As the variety of uses for medical coatings has expanded, so too have the technologies and choices available. Service Solutions Group creates a wide variety of products to meet the individual needs of our customers, including elastomeric coating, plastic coating, metal coating, and everything in between. We also create products that address specific medical needs like nonstick coating, low friction coating, and chemical resistant coating, among many others.

While continually creating innovative technology is incredibly important, your product’s safety is our first concern. Our customers trust us to apply coatings to wires and devices that enter the human body. SSG’s customers have enjoyed complete freedom from coating delamination or FDA recalls for more than 8 years and more than 47 million pieces coated.

Our Capabilities:

Why Surface Solutions Group Out-Covers the Competition

With over 60 years of experience in the coating industry, including more than 12 years specifically in coating medical devices, Service Solutions Group is ahead of the pack in the MedTech market. One of our Fundamental Principles is to better the medical industry by providing coating technologies that improve the function and safety of medical devices. We uphold this principle by creating coatings that allow medical devices to function at their highest capacity.

Our passion for the industry and our customers is evident through our quality management certifications, ISO 13485:2016, and our brand new state of the art facility, which allows us to create innovative technologies and stay ahead of the curve while also meeting our customer’s requests more efficiently than ever before. Our Success Stories are abundant because our team of engineers, chemists, technicians, and executives is incredibly dedicated to the work they do.

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