low friction PFOA-free PTFE coatings
Slick Sil LSR Coated Silicone Rubber Coatings

Applicator of PTFE and Other Low Friction Coatings for the Medical Industry

World's largest coating applicator exclusively for the Medical Industry.
SSG applies the widest range of specialized coatings for the medical industry in the world.

Your product’s safety is our first concern. Our customers trust us to apply coatings to wires and devices that enter the human body. SSG’s customers have enjoyed complete freedom from coating delamination or FDA recalls for more than 7 years and more than 44 million pieces coated.

Surface Solutions Group is a dedicated team of 68 problem solvers. Engineers, chemists, technicians, executives plus a world-wide group of coating experts that collaborate with the focus of producing enhanced medical devices thru the use of coatings and application technology.

Relentless research and development has led to the “Designers Dozen®” family of coatings specifically developed for optimizing devices for the medical industry.

These production proven platforms of specific coating technology families include:

FluoroMed Aqueous PTFE - .0001-.0006 applied thickness .012 friction
FluoroMed Solvent PTFE - .0001-.0006 applied thickness, .020 friction
VisiMark® PTFE - Multi-color banding to create distance and orientation marks
SlickSil® - Silicone rubber friction reduction coating (with antimicrobial abilities)
ElectroBond - Electrosurgical device coating with customizable electrical surface
AquaGlide® - Hydrophylic coatings for polymer and metal surfaces
FluoroBond N/N-2 - Ultra-thin, one molecule to 2 microns thick low friction
VisiBond® - Bonded vibrant polymer colors resistant to 750+ autoclave cycles
FluoroBond®R - Rubber part friction reducing and color coding
FluoroWire® - Continuous reel-to-reel coating for Stainless Steel wire
FluoroWire® - Bonds PTFE to Nitinol while maintaining the Af properties
PlastiGlide® - Surface enhancing coating for plastics and filled plastics
FluoroGlass® - Shatter-resistant glass coating technology
FluoroMed®AM - Antimicrobial additives kill 99.9% of biopathogens
FluoroBond®PT - Multi Stage, computer controlled ultrasonic cleaning and preparation process resulting in ZERO delaminations and ZERO FDA recalls.
XylaMed® - Whitford's coatings for medical devices

To get answers on how to start your project, or learn which coating is best suited to your needs, please call us at 773-427-2084 or e-mail us at info@surfacesolutionsgroup.com, to speak with a technical consultant today!

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