Applicator of PTFE and Other Low Friction Coatings for the Medical Industry

Surface Solutions Group is the most automated applicator of PTFE coatings in the world. We have automated 6 lines, processing medical guide wires, coils, mandrels and cables in both PTFE and hydrophilic coatings.

Our new facility has over 28,000 square feet devoted to the application of PTFE coatings for the Medical Device Industry. It has been constructed to the levels of a device manufacturer, including a controlled environment throughout the production area. All incoming air is HEPA-filtered, and the operating temperatures and humidity of each coating room are closely controlled. The facility was designed and constructed as a "green facility," incorporating final ultra-filtration of all the exhaust air leaving the building with the lowest possible carbon footprint. We use throughout the facility hospital-quality, oil-free compound air to process your product.

Surface Solutions Group is a team of engineers, chemists, technicians and executives with a minimum of 10 years of medical coating application experience. Collectively, there is more than 100 years of combined experience in the application of PTFE and other no-stick coatings used in the medical industry. Our customers who have had the opportunity to visit our facility have stated, "it is the most state-of-the-art for the application of PTFE coatings in the world."

Allow Surface Solutions Group the opportunity to help you with your PTFE coating requirements for your medical device.

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