We Never Stop Innovating 

Here at Surface Solutions Group, LLC we cover anything that needs to be coated. We apply our coating technologies to everything from guidewires and hypotubes to catheters and electrosurgical blades and devices. We only hire the most capable people for the job. Our well-trained coating professionals will get the job done right every time, we guarantee it. When you send us your products to be coated, you know that they are in the trusted hands of people who care about the best possible end result. The ultimate goal of any project we do is to return your medical products to you in better shape than when we received them. With our coatings, we can give your products physical properties that they never had before.  

Innovation is key. We are always looking to improve because we believe that adapting to the market is what allows us to succeed and to produce better results than the competition. We always strive to be the best and are always on the lookout for new uses of our coatings. This is why we've managed to be a leader in the competitive industry of medical coatings. Contact us so we can fill you in on how our innovation can make your product difficulties disappear!

Guidewires, Mandrels, Hypotubes, Solid Wire & Snap Wire

With FluoroWire and VisiMark, your guidewires, mandrels, hypotubes, solid wires and snap wires will be in the hands of our tenacious, highly capable and well-trained coating professionals. Through our automated coating systems, we apply the exact right amount of coating that your wires need.


Reel-to-Reel Continuous Length

Our well-trained professionals use FluoroWireVisiMark, and FluoroMed to take of your wires and tubing even if they are on reels. We guarantee the best quality of coatings for your reels through our automated coating systems.


Precision and Miniature Devices

Our VisiMark, VisiBond, and FluoroBond-N coatings assist in making sure the patient is in a safe environment during their procedures. With these special coatings, the chance of trauma to a patient is reduced and procedures are performed more effectively.


Electrosurgical Blades and Devices

Our highly trained coating experts and our state of the art facility allow us to coat most medical devices with ElectroBond or FluoroBond-N/N-2. These coatings provide a non-stick element to the products that you send us.



When it comes to catheters, it's important that the sanitization and safety of the patient and catheter comes first. Our Slick Sil LSR and FluoroMed-AM coatings reduce the friction properties of the catheter and also ensures that any bacterial concerns are taken care of.


Silicone and Polyisoprene Rubber Parts

Our FluoroBond-R and VisiBond coatings add low-friction properties to your rubber parts. Rubber surfaces that are normally high friction are transformed into a more durable, low-friction surface.