Electrosurgical Blades & Devices

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What Devices Can We Coat?

Our highly trained coating experts and our state of the art facility allow us to coat most medical devices. Here at Surface Solutions Group, we have the coatings that cover your electrosurgical blades and devices. These coatings provide a non-stick element to the products that you send us. When it comes to electrosurgical products, we cover all of the following: 

  • Straight blades of all lengths
  • balls
  • hooks
  • loops
  • special shapes
  • and many others! Contact us for specific requests!

What Coatings Fit Your Blades and Devices?

 ElectroBondOptimizing Non-Stick Electrosurgical Device Performance 


 FluoroBond®-N/N-2- Low-Friction Cutting Edge