Coatings & Capabilities FAQs

What is a medical grade coating?

For decades, manufacturers of medical devices have specified many coatings that lower friction and provide electrical insulation, anti-microbial surfaces and many more enhancements of the function of a surface of a medical device. These proven coatings are considered “medical coatings”.

Does Surface Solutions Group stock and apply medical grade coatings?

Yes, we have many coatings that are being used in medical devices that our customers have tested to be acceptable for guidewires, mandrels, cannulas, silicone rubber parts, polyisoprene rubber parts, and many other medical end-use parts.

Does Surface Solutions Group apply PTFE coatings?

Yes, we offer many low friction, PTFE medical grade coatings. We also stock many other formulations that have been formulated and tested to provide low friction.

What coating thickness and tolerances can you provide?

The film thickness of most PTFE and resin bonded coatings applied to medical components is .0003”-.0006” per surface. For electrical insulation, coating thickness can reach .010” and even greater thicknesses. Coating tolerance is normally +/- .0001" for thin films up to .0006” film builds of .0004” and +/- .0002” for films of .0006"-.012".

What is the longest medical device Surface Solutions Group can coat?

The length record is 560 cm long. However, we have capability to coat even longer devices. SSG coats continuous, single strands of wire to lengths of millions of feet per spool.

What coating colors are available?

The normal color used is green. The availability of colors is ever expanding. We stock PTFE in green, blue, orange-red, white, purple, black, milky-white and clear.

Can Surface Solutions Group coat Nitinol?

Yes, very successfully. SSG has production nitinol devices we coat weekly. And we have perfected coating devices that utilize both nitinol and 304V stainless steel and successfully provide low friction coatings for these devices.

We need a durable, long lasting coating. Can Surface Solutions Group provide it?

Our affiliation with Dimension Bond Corporation allows us access to decades of nano-composite coating formulations that provide extremely long wear compared to unreinforced PTFE with no nanocomposite internal.

What temperatures will your coatings withstand?

This depends on the resin we use. Generally, all PTFE coatings will withstand 500F. However, we have several special FDA-compatible resins that can withstand 770F for long-term usage. Low temperatures of -240 F and lower are also attainable with many of our coatings. Always check with us as to a specific need.

Can you recoat a previously coated part?

Yes, in most cases. Please call or e-mail us and we will advise. Generally, we need a few used or worn out parts to perform a complete evaluation.
Click here to e-mail us about coating previously-coated parts.

Can you coat a large quantity of parts?

We coat tens of thousands of parts daily. This includes guidewires, needles, cannulas and literally an A-to-Z list of devices. More importantly, we work as a strategic partner for our customers and take very seriously the delivery schedule you establish.

Does Surface Solutions Group coat the ID of a long tube?

In fact, SSG coats 50-foot lengths of .125” of chromatograph tubing with PTFE, of course on the inside diameter surface. We also coat many shorter lengths.