Guidewires, Mandrels, Hypotubes, Solid Wire, & Snap Wire


What Can We Coat?

Your guidewires, mandrels, hypotubes, solid wires and snap wires will be in the hands of our tenacious, highly capable and well-trained coating professionals. It's our job to make sure that your products leave in better condition than they arrived in. Through our automated coating systems, we apply the exact right amount of coating that your wires need. We coat all wires within the following parameters: 

  • Coiled wire diameters from .012" to .054"
  • Individual coiled lengths from 2.55 centimeters to 635 centimeters
  • Mandrel diameters from .003" to .125"
  • Solid round wire, flat wire, and rectangular wire
  • Mandrel lengths from 18 centimeters to 260 centimeters
  • 304 V Stainless and nitinol (as well as 304 V stainless and nitinol combination)
  • Complete guidewire assemblies
  • VisiMark® permanent custom marking and/ or banding available for wires of all kind
  • Stylets and cables

What Coatings Fit Your Medical Wires, Mandrels, Hypotubes?

 FluoroWire®Low-Friction For Wires


 VisiMark®- Contrasting Color- Permanently Bonded PTFE Markings