PTFE Coated Medical Components


Many surgeries today are performed using coated medical electrosurgical blades, forceps, catheters, coated mandrels and devices with handles requiring non-stick, electrical insulation and other properties. Xylan® coatings, PEEK® coatings, KYNAR® coatings, HALAR® coatings, nylon coatings and many other medical grade coatings provide these properties. After the coating application, Surface Solutions Group has the test procedures and instruments to verify 100% compliance of the applied coating specifications whether for prototypes, short run volume or high volume coating applications. SSG's experience has made us one of the nation's top specialty medical coatings suppliers. Our biocompatible coatings can be applied to disposable and reusable medical devices, instruments, and equipment.

Surface Solutions Group is a leader in applying PTFE on medical wire, with both non-acid and non-PFOA formulations, in a number of colors. We coat wire in discreet lengths for medical devices and also mandrels. In-house tooling provides precise coating of semi-finished or finished guidewires in lengths from 2.54 cm to 635 cm lengths. We also coat guidewires in all stages of assembly, from the outer guidewire alone, without the taper mandrel and safety wire to a complete guidewire with the internal wires welded in place. Guidewire diameters of .012", to .038" in both round wire and flat wire and special sizes are coated weekly. Having state-of-the-art automated electrostatic coating lines, we excel at high volume work and provide our customers with repeatability from part to part, assuring a uniform and micron-accurate coated guidewire or PTFE-coated guidewire.

Reel-to-reel coated or PTFE-coated wire is done automatically at SSG. With a special in-line pretreatment, SSG applies a coating with optimal adhesion and superior coating uniformity. We can coat round sizes ranging from 0.005" to 0.040" in diameter and flat/rectangular wire plus coat Silver-plated Copper wire, too.

Tubular devices are coated in both discreet lengths and continuous reel-to-reel lengths with our entire medical grade coatings and PTFE coatings.

VisiMarkSM technology provides contrasting color markings on PTFE-coated medical devices for depth marking, placement guidance, on both solid and tubular devices. Special masking, radiopaque markings and VisiMarkSM are available on all guidewires and medical devices.

Surface Solutions Group can make any coating anti-microbial upon request.