Offering Cutting-Edge Technology and our DESIGNER'S DOZEN TM Coating Services 


We Are Passionate About What We Do

For all medical and precision applications, the experience and integrity of the coating applicator is of the utmost importance. Surface Solutions Group is a leader in the development and application of functional coatings. Our proven techniques assure the utmost in quality control, consistency, reliability, and service. Our passion for the industry shines through our products because we believe that our quality shows our customers how much we care. We never take a job lightly and we are always looking to prove to our customers that we are a results oriented company. Our medical coatings change the properties of medical wire and other devices for the better. That is a responsibility that we don't take lightly.

Our DESIGNER'S DOZENTM coating technologies is a suite of twelve specialized coating services for medical devices and components: FluoroMed®, no-PFOA PTFE coatings; VisiMark®, a banding technology done with PTFE on over the top of PTFE; Slick Sil®, coating to make silicone slippery; VisiBond®, permanent color coding technology that is resistant to autoclave; FluoroBond®-N2, nano coating technology, as well as many others. Each coating in our DESIGNER'S DOZENTM group seeks to enhance your medical devices and components to ensure that they function at their highest capacity.

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Permanently Bonded Low Friction PTFE Coatings. Medical grade FluoroMed® low friction coatings offer biocompatibility along with a low CoF. The specialized properties created by these coatings have spearheaded the next generation of innovative medical devices.


Slick Sil®

Eliminate the Stickiness of Silicone Rubber. Slick Sil® LSR is a replacement for parylene, which is a physical bond and tends to crack. This dramatic low friction coating for silicone rubber allows designers and engineers to have the benefits of silicone rubber without the high friction surface.



Permanent Color Coding - Autoclave Resistant. The coating applied using the VisiBond® process is available in a variety of colors along with custom color-matching technology, providing the practicality of color-coding different sizes of tools by banding on the handles or coating the entire handle of a device.



Contrasting Color-Permanently Bonded PTFE Markings. VisiMark® technology creates a permanent, contrasting mark in a wide variety of color combinations. This mark is highly visible. The contrasting color mark does not increase or substantially decrease the coating thickness of the medical grade PTFE coating.



Optimizing Non-Stick Electrosurgical Device Performance. Electro Bond was tested and succeeded in providing a smooth non-stick pore-free surface.  Unlike the PTFE surface of standard electrosurgical blades and devices (ball, wire, needle, etc.), Electro Bond resists damage and scratching.



Slippery When Wet. AquaGlide® coating is a group of specially formulated and applied hydrophilic (water loving) coatings developed to absorb water, saline solutions and bodily fluids, and to provide a low friction surface when hydrated.



Making Rubber Parts Slippery. FluoroBond®-R is a low-cure, flexible fluoropolymer that can be applied to the exterior and interior of rubber parts to give them a surface that is permanently bonded and smooth. This technology improves O-rings and rubber products; grommets, seal plates, plugs, or any other form of rubber.



Low-Friction For Wires. FluoroWire® coatings are bonded to finished devices or continuous reel-to-reel lengths of wire and small diameter tubing. FluoroWire® greatly reduces intravascular friction in devices such as catheters, stents, etc.



Creating Safe Glass Products. The FluoroGlass® coating process is modified with the ultimate in glass bonding technology. This optically clear fluoropolymer is almost invisible on the surface of glass parts. When glass components are accidentally broken, the coating contains the shards and keeps them from scattering.



Anti-Microbial Coating Technology. FluoroMed-AM is a highly potent, biocompatible, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial coatings that prevents growth of bacteria on or along numerous products designed for use in biomedical applications.



No More Problems With Gamma Radiation. PlastiGlide® is a series of coatings that are resistant to gamma sterilization. They are formulated with a very low friction form of high molecular weight polyethylene (PE) and are resistant to gamma radiation sterilization procedures because they contain no fluorine chemistry, unlike PTFE or other fluoropolymers.



Low-Friction Cutting Edge. FluoroBond®-N/N-2 is a micron-thin, thermally bonded film of fluoropolymers that exhibits a tenacious bond to smooth cutting surfaces such as scalpels and blades. The bonded film has very low surface energy, which reduces cutting force by providing an ultra-low friction coated surface.