We Are Passionate About What We Do

For all medical and precision applications, the experience and integrity of the coating applicator is of the utmost importance. Surface Solutions Group is a leader in the development and application of functional coatings. Our proven techniques assure the utmost in quality control, consistency, reliability, and service. 

Our coating technologies include: FluoroMed®, no-PFOA PTFE coatings; VisiMark, a banding technology done with PTFE on over the top of PTFE; Slick Sil®, coating to make silicone slippery; VisiBond, permanent color coding technology that is resistant to autoclave; FluoroBond®-N2, nano coating technology, as well as many others. 

                               SLICK SIL®                                 VISIBOND®                                 VISIMARK®    

                          ELECTROBOND         AQUAGLIDE®     FLUOROBOND®-R


                                           PLASTIGLIDE®                                  FLUOROBOND®-N/N-2