We Are Passionate About What We Do

For all medical and precision applications, the experience and integrity of the coating applicator is of the utmost importance. Surface Solutions Group is a leader in the development and application of functional coatings. Our proven techniques assure the utmost in quality control, consistency, reliability, and service. Our passion for the industry shines through our products because we believe that our quality shows our customers how much we care. We never take a job lightly and we are always looking to prove to our customers that we are a results oriented company. Our medical coatings change the properties of medical wire and other devices for the better. That is a responsibility that we don't take lightly.

Our coating technologies include: FluoroMed®, no-PFOA PTFE coatings; VisiMark, a banding technology done with PTFE on over the top of PTFE; Slick Sil®, coating to make silicone slippery; VisiBond, permanent color coding technology that is resistant to autoclave; FluoroBond®-N2, nano coating technology, as well as many others. All of our coatings seek to make your medical devices function at their highest capacity.

Slick Sil®
Eliminate the Stickiness of Silicone Rubber 

Permanent Color Coding - Autoclave Resistant

Contrasting Color-Permanently Bonded PTFE Markings

Optimizing Non-Stick Electrosurgical Device Performance


Slippery When Wet 

Making Rubber Parts Slippery 

Low-Friction For Wires 

Creating Safe Glass Products 

Anti-Microbial Coating Technology 


No More Problems With Gamma Radiation 


Low-Friction Cutting Edge