AquaGlide® Hydrophilic Coating

Slippery When Wet

AquaGlide® coating is a group of specially formulated and applied hydrophilic (water loving) coatings developed to absorb water, saline solutions and bodily fluids, and to provide a low friction surface when hydrated. These coatings are bonded to metals, plastics and flexible or rubber substrates to provide low friction surface characteristics when in the presence of fluids. When near-zero friction is important, as is the case with some probes or insertable objects, a coating of AquaGlide® will ease navigation. With AquaGlide®, metals, plastics, and flexible rubber substrates will experience a friction reduction of 95 percent. No license fees for our coating services are required. Specialty formulations and colors are available.

Key Features of AquaGlide®

  1. Provides easy, low friction insertion and removal of devices
  2. Friction forces reduced, compared to dry friction, up to 95% when  surface is hydrated
  3. Clear / translucent color to allow visible depth or markings on device
  4. Reduces potential tissue damage and increases patient comfort
  5. Adhesion optimized with specific formulations for different substrate  requirements
  6. Permanently bonded

Click here to access an AquaGlide® tech sheet:  icon AquaGlide® Tech Sheet


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