ElectroBond- Electro Surgical Coatings & Blades

ElectroBond is a specifically formulated coating for high-temperature nonstick applications. It allows electrosurgical cutting devices to work more efficiently and consistently. ElectroBond is an extremely durable, black, smooth, low-friction coating that permanently bonds to metal surfaces including 300 and 400 series stainless steel.

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The raw materials and resin systems are listed in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Food and Drugs, Parts 175 and 177 for materials suitable for food contact.

How ElectroBond works

Optimizing Non-Stick Electrosurgical Device Performance

Various medical device coatingsIn the past, the PTFE1 coating on endoscopic electrosurgical blades was not effective in preventing the buildup of eschar (burnt tissue) during surgical procedures, thus resulting in blades roughened by the adherence of tissue. The manufacturer of these needed a non-PTFE coating for their stainless electrosurgical blades. In response to this issue, the SSG team has developed a durable high-temperature release coating material. Electro Bond was tested and succeeded in providing a smooth non-stick pore-free surface. Unlike the PTFE surface of standard electrosurgical blades and devices (ball, wire, needle, etc.), Electro Bond resists damage and scratching.

The SSG team has completed all the 510K certification documentation required for Electro Bond to receive FDA approval for these electrosurgical device blades and the manufacturer now has an internationally qualified Electro Bond electrosurgical blade that overcomes the performance problems inherent in PTFE surgical coatings.

Key Features & Properties of ElectroBond

  • Extremely hard surface (4H pencil hardness) with excellent eschar release for surface coatings
  • No porosity provides controlled cutting with virtually no uncontrolled sparking
  • More damage resistant than any PTFE or silicone electrosurgical coating on existing blades
  • High temperature resistant; 700°F continuous and 840°F short term stability
  • Will not thermally decompose during use and does not develop hot spots
  • Is a tough, yet resilient coating developed from an epoxy / silicone composite
  • Most physically durable and damage resistant electro-blade coating available
  • Abrasion resistant and wear resistant, prolonging the life and effectiveness of coatings
  • Certified formulations available containing no PTFE or PFOA
  • No C5 or phosgene effluent or coating decomposition smoke
  • Withstands gamma radiation sterilization with no change in performance; 100kgy for verification; 25~kgy in production
  • Successfully bonded to blades, needles, wires, balls, probes, and more
  • Bonds to any metal surface on both mono-polar and bi-polar devices

Electrical Properties & Custom Formulations:

  • Several formulations available from highly conductive to highly insulated
  • Low power setting / high conductivity formulations available for low power settings
  • Limited custom colors available by special order

Details of Edge & Tip Optimization:

  • Low starting power requirement formulations and application are available for delicate procedures
  • Can be deposited at variable thickness options for optimum performance
  • Bonded coating thickness available from .0003” to .003” per surface
  • Areas of surface coating application precisely deposited; tip / edge thin or clean areas available.

Dry Film Properties:

  • Color/hardness: Black/4H pencil hardness
  • Dry Film Thickness: .0003" to .003" or 7 to 75 microns
  • Gloss: 20-30% at 60 degrees

Click here to access an ElectroBond tech sheet:  icon ElectroBond Tech Sheet

 U.S. Patent Nos. 7,147,634; 8,814,861; 8,814,862; 8,814,863; 9,630,206, and other patents pending.

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