FluoroBond®-N/N-2 is a micron-thin, thermally bonded film of fluoropolymers that exhibits a tenacious bond to smooth cutting surfaces such as scalpels and blades. The bonded film has very low surface energy, which reduces cutting force by providing an ultra-low friction coated surface.

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Low-Friction Cutting Edge

Coated bladesLubricated edges simply cut easier than non-lubricated edges. FluoroBond®-N/N-2 creates a surface that is permanently non-stick and is bonded to metal and several plastic surfaces. In addition, many medical device surfaces such as wires, guidewires, tubular products, probes and needles can be successfully coated. With this technology, cuts are made smoother, faster, and with less friction.

Key Features of FluoroBond®-N/N-2

  1. Different blades coatedWill not anneal or affect temper of cutting edges
  2. Ultra-thin, micron deposition
  3. Tenacious bond strength to smooth, ground, or polished metal surfaces
  4. Durable and strong; provides long lasting low-friction blade performance
  5. Curing temperatures will not dull nor affect blade sharpness
  6. Optically clear or invisible on smooth surfaces
  7. Solvent and chemical resistant
  8. Selective application area to optimize device performance

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Click here to access a FluoroBond®-N-2 tech sheet:  icon FluoroBond®-N-2 Tech Sheet

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