Making Rubber Parts Slippery

For so many biomedical applications, the wide family of elastomers is an ideal material for sealing, positioning, flexing, or dampening vibration. The problem is that the extreme high-friction properties of rubber inhibits its use. FluoroBond®-R is a low-cure, flexible fluoropolymer that can be applied to the exterior and interior of rubber parts to give them a surface that is permanently bonded and smooth. This technology improves O-rings and rubber products; grommets, seal plates, plugs, or any other form of rubber by transforming the high-friction rubber surface into a durable and low-friction surface. 


We make your rubber parts slippery when dry. Choose any standard or custom color you want!

Key Features of FluoroBond®-R

  1. Ultra-low friction while original part durometer and flexibility remain  unaffected
  2. Rubber noise and squeaks are eliminated
  3. Eliminates slip-stick in new and old assemblies
  4. Eliminates shudder and excessive force during break-in
  5. We provide the additional service of purchasing your rubber parts from a  vendor of your choice


Click here to access a FluoroBond®-R tech sheet:  icon FluoroBond®-R Tech Sheet



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