Creating Safe Glass Products

Drop a beaker or glass tube and it shatters... but not if it's coated with FluoroGlass®! This coating service provides the ultimate in coated glassware protection and safety. The FluoroGlass® coating process is modified with the ultimate in glass bonding technology. This optically clear fluoropolymer is almost invisible on the surface of glass parts. When glass components are accidentally broken, the coating contains the shards and keeps them from scattering. This coating is high-temperature capable and can protect incandescent and infrared heater bulbs.

Items typically coated with the FluoroGlass® process include: beakers, columns, flasks, bottles, light bulbs, lenses, cylinders and evaporators. Our coating technology now protects food service, hospitals, warehouses, popcorn wagons, and an endless array of areas where a shattered light bulb or other glass can create an unsafe and dangerous situation. 

FluoroGlass® is a Modified Fluoropolymer with the Ultimate in Glass Bonding Technology!


What Are the Important Characteristics of this Coating?

  1. Virtually transparent optical clarity
  2. Flexible strength while containing broken glass fragments
  3. Chemical resistance- chemically inert to most acids,  solvents, and  solutions|
  4. Non-stick and easy clean characteristics
  5. High use temperatures-500°F continuous
  6. It is autoclavable


Click here to access a FluoroGlass® tech sheet: icon FluoroGlass® Tech Sheet


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