Anti-Microbial Coating Technology

As awareness of the significant economic and personal damage done by a wide range of bacteria and other microbes grows, attention is being focused on the need for improved anti-microbial and anti-bacterial coatings that are both effective and safe. In response, Surface Solutions Group has developed a highly potent, biocompatible, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial coatings that prevents growth of bacteria on or along numerous products designed for use in biomedical applications in combination with our FluoroMed® anti-microbial process, consumer products and industrial applications. SSG is an expert applicator of this anti-microbial coating for all purposes listed. 

The active ingredient in SSG's breakthrough is Silver (Ag), a well-established inorganic biocompatible, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial that has been incorporated into a delivery system compatible with the manufacturing processes of the products to be protected, while providing a continuous controlled release of silver over an extended time period.

"Using silver coated catheters for patients significantly reduced the most common hospital-acquired infection"

- Urologic Nursing, the journal of the Society of Urological Nurses and Associates (April, 2008)


Key Features of FluoroMed®-AM

  1. FluoroMed®-AM eliminates pathogens on the spot
  2. It is a biocompatible coating
  3. It is made as an anti-microbial formula
  4. Proven to have a kill rate of 99.9% 
  5. The FluoroMed®-AM coating makes medical devices more sanitary with the safety of  the patient in mind


Surface Solutions Group has extensive experience applying biocompatible catheter coating, biocompatible endoscopic coatings, biocompatible surgical instrument coating, as well as, biocompatible medical device coatings.

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