Permanently Bonded Low Friction PTFE Coatings

Here at SSG, we apply coatings that are permanently bonded and only seek to add properties that are beneficial to your products. When any of our coatings are being added to your products, we guarantee that they will be applied with uniform thickness length to length and part to part. This guarantee comes from our ability to precisely measure coating thickness and other important properties through the use of our state-of-the-art measurement devices. Any coating process that occurs in our labs has our stamp of approval as well because SSG designs and builds our own application machinery and testing devices. When using any of our coatings, you can be confident in knowing that your products are in the hands of the most capable, well-trained, and tedious applicators in the industry. Our main priority is to return your products properly coated and in better condition than when we received them.

 Key Features of FluoroMed® Coatings  

 1. Tight and consistent tolerances
 2. Uniform coverage and precision masking
 3. Ultra Accurate, state-of-the-art measurement devices
 4. In-house fabrication
 5. Rapid prototype turnaround
 6. Color availability- choose from our 6 PTFE color options
 7. PFOA free and acid free
 8. Sterilization and autoclave resistant
 9. And Many more!!

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