PlastiGlide® is a series of coatings that are resistant to gamma sterilization. They are formulated with a very low friction form of high molecular weight polyethylene (PE). These coatings are very low friction (0.012 per ASTM D 3702 @ 50RPM) and are tenaciously bonded to surfaces. Formulations include ON-2-115 and several others.

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No More Problems With Gamma Radiation

Various shapes of parts coatedGamma radiation is the medical device/equipment industry's near-ideal answer to the problem of sterilization. The only problem with it is that because it is high-energy radiation that completely penetrates objects, it affects the cell or polymer structure of a medical object or coating. For instance, some bone implant bearing pads lose tensile strength, and a long list of engineering polymers are degraded to the point of being worthless.

Surface Solutions Group has come up with an answer to this problem. In addition to low-friction and .001" (0.0025mm) application thicknesses, PlastiGlide® coatings are resistant to gamma radiation sterilization procedures because they contain no fluorine chemistry, unlike PTFE or other fluoropolymers.

Key Features of PlastiGlide®

  1. Plastic, metal, and elastometric parts coatedPermanently bonded to rigid and flexible substrates
  2. Resistant to the erosion of parts caused by gamma radiation sterilization
  3. Extreme high bond strength to substrates with moderate non-stick properties
  4. Will not flake nor powder in use
  5. Application to specific areas such as interior walls of tubing or flexible and rigid inside valves  or other cavities
  6. Primary colors and tints available
  7. Clear to translucent color in standard formulations


Click here to access a PlastiGlide® tech sheet:icon PlastiGlide® Tech Sheet
Click here to access a PlastiGlide® 2801 tech sheet:icon PlastiGlide® 2801 Tech Sheet

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