Slick Sil® LSR

Eliminate the Stickiness of Silicone Rubber

Surface Solutions Group has developed a totally conformable yet flexible and low friction Slick Sil® LSR coating for silicone rubber that is bonded chemically. Slick Sil® LSR is a replacement for parylene, which is a physical bond and tends to crack. This dramatic low friction coating for silicone rubber allows designers and engineers to have the benefits of silicone rubber without the high friction surface. All molded or extruded silicone rubber components can be processed with the SSG Slick Sil® LSR low friction technology. SSG's Slick Sil® LSR is a great parylene replacement coating that makes silicone slippery.

Key Features of Slick Sil LSR®

  1. Slick Sil LSR® elongates to the same degree of silicone products
  2. VOC Free
  3. Chemical Bond between the rubber and the coating 
  4. Bio-compatible 
  5. Unlike parylene, Slick Sil LSR® will not crack and flake 
  6. Anti-Microbial Formula



Click here to access a Slick Sil® tech sheet: icon Slick Sil® Tech Sheet
Click here for more information on the biocompatibility of Slick Sil® icon SSG Slick Sil® Biocompatibility Sheet

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