Until recently, contrasting marks meant removing the PTFE coating. These marks were created using laser ablation, acid or mechanical grinding. This process exposed the stainless steel substrate but did not offer a true high contrast, especially where bright light created reflections from the stainless substrate. In addition, the missing coating created a depression or "notch" in the surface of the coating, increasing the surface friction. 

Paint-type marks applied to a PTFE coating create a "bump", also changing the surface friction and potentially can be removed or dislodged easily during a procedure.

We at Surface Solutions Group can now provide your product with calibration depth markings with varying degrees of penetration values upon request. icon VisiMark® technology creates a permanent, contrasting mark in a wide variety of color combinations. This mark is highly visible. The contrasting color mark does not increase or substantially decrease the coating thickness of the medical grade PTFE coating. The surface remains smooth.

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