Permanent Color Coding - Autoclave Resistant

Our VisiBond® coating services involve a fluorocarbon-based polymer, providing a durable, chemical resistant finish with high dielectric properties in a wide range of colors. The coating applied using the VisiBond® process is available in a variety of colors along with custom color-matching technology, providing the practicality of color-coding different sizes of tools by banding on the handles or coating the entire handle of a device. Many successful uses include cauterizing devices used by surgeons in the operating room because of the excellent dielectric strength of the coating. The VisiBond® application can also be used in lot traceability by color coding the different lots of surgical tools in the operating room.

Key Features of VisiBond®

  1. 750+ Autoclave Cycles
  2. Permanent Marking Technology
  3. Low Cure Temperature (500°F)
  4. Color-Match Technology including: Red • Orange • Blue • Green •  Purple • Black • White + More!
  5. Dielectric Strength-1,000 V per mil
  6. Electrical Surgical Protective Coating
  7. Unique Device Identifier (UDI - FDA Requirement) 

Click here to access a VisiBond® tech sheet: icon VisiBond® Tech Sheet

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