Inside our facility 

Who We are 

Surface Solutions Group, LLC is an industry leader in the applications of coating technologies that are exclusive to the medical device industry. Our coating technologies, extensive automation, and state of the art facility provide our customers with a consistently applied coating on their products. This uniform and repeatable coating process produces medical devices and products that our customers can be proud to put their name on.

Surface Solutions Group, LLC was founded specifically to develop and apply coatings for the medical industry.

ProductionOur experts

      Expert engineering  

SSG is certified in icon ISO 13485:2016. Our coating technologies include: FluoroMed®, no-PFOA PTFE coatings; VisiMark®, a banding technology done with PTFE on over the top of PTFE; Slick Sil®, coating to make silicone slippery; VisiBond®, permanent color coding technology that is resistant to autoclave; FluoroBond® N2, nano coating technology, as well as many others. We apply our coating technologies to guidewires, hypotubes, needles, coils, mandrels, and a number of different medical devices.

At SSG, we strive to be the best, and will continue to develop new and exciting coatings for the medical device industry. Not only can we assist you with your specific application, but we will work to educate you on the different technologies we offer, and how they can help you now and in the future.