PTFE Coatings

The Surface Solutions Group, LLC is dedicated to developing and producing PTFE coatings for use, primarily in the medical field, and the company is made up of chemists, engineers, technicians and business executives that have used their specific talents, training and experience to develop a business that concentrates on PTFE coatings, such as PTFE coated wire and guidewire that is used in a number of medical applications. PTFE coated wire is used to manufacture heart stents and vascular graft, and owing to the fact that PTFE wire has a natural lubricant and is very resilient, PTFE wire allows for easy handling and has the ability to retain its shape once it has been manipulated. However, in addition to PTFE wire coatings, PTFE coatings are used for various other applications, including mandrels, Hypotubes, solid wire and snap wire. Over and above the PTFE coatings, Surface Solutions Group, LLC manufactured valves, o-rings, tubing and molded parts that are used in medical field. Items which are coated with PTFE allow the item to gain a high level of resistance to chemical wear and tear and scratches, and the PTFE coatings will make certain that items area able to withstand harsh changes in temperatures, from drops to as low as 270°C to temperature increases as high as 260°C. The PTFE coatings are naturally white; however, Surface Solutions Groups has developed a number of grades and compounds of PTFE coatings.

PTFE coatings will allow devices and instruments to be clean, safe and durable and since items are used successfully in various types of medical applications, such as within medical laboratories, surgical environments, for imaging and in a number of other key environment in the field of medicine, Surface Solutions Groups is geared to meeting the high demands of the medical sector and is committed to offering PTFE coatings which are of the highest standards. Surface Solutions Group has obtained their ISO 2001:2001 accreditation and they have built a new eco-friendly manufacturing plant that has allowed them to significantly decrease their carbon footprint of the manufacturing operation. In addition, the air used in the manufacturing plant is of the very highest quality and is free from oil, and a class 10,000 and 1,000 clean room environment form part of this high-tech and "green" manufacturing facility.

In order to find out about more about PTFE coatings and to view information regarding Surface Solutions Group, take a moment to browse the comprehensive website at and discover how this unique, eco-friendly manufacturing company is evolving to meet the future demands of the medical sector by offering PTFE coatings. Additional coating options include cannulas coated with optional VisiMark®, needles of various sizes, soft tissue devices, straight blades, as well as PTFE coatings for catheters, for both interior and exterior surfaces. The website gives online users access to detailed information of the applications which are served by PTFE coatings. Surface Solutions Groups, LLC has a passion for creating and devising PTFE coating formulations that will to assist in the purpose of prototype design.