PTFE Guidewire Surface Solutions Group, LLC

Surface Solutions Group is specialist in applying industrial medical coatings, and to this end, they have developed PTFE guidewire, which is a critical component of modern medicine. The PTFE guidewires are manufactured from metal alloys and are coated with PTFE which are available in an assortment of colors. Surface Solutions Groups can coat guidewires in various stages of production, beginning with the outer guidewire without the taper mandrel and safety wire up until the total guidewire, which has the internal wires welded in place. Since Surface Solutions Groups works predominantly in the field of creating coatings used in the medical sector, the PTFE guidewire is medical grade and the in-house tooling ensures that that PTFE guidewire has the correct coating and is available in lengths of up to 266 centimeters, and diameters of between 0.12 inches and 0.38 inches in flat and round wire. In addition the PTFE guidewire, which is produced by Surface Solutions Groups, is available with special masking and VisiMark, should this be requested by clients.

The Surface Solutions Group, LLC is made up of a group of professionals, which include chemists, engineers, technicians and business executives that have used their high level of education and experience to create an organization which is involved predominantly in the development of PTFE guidewire, PTFE wire as well as other coatings which are commonly used in the medical industry. Surface Solutions Groups has obtained ISO 2001:2001 accreditation and they have just completed construction on an eco-friendly manufacturing plant that has allowed them to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of their manufacturing operations. In addition, air that is used in the plant is of the very highest quality and is free from oil, and in fact class 10,000 and 1,000 clean room environments from part of this high-tech and "green" manufacturing plant, which produces PTFE guidewire and other PTFE coated wires, such as FluroMed and FluoroWireSM.

Being a leading coating developer, PTFE guidewire is only one of the many products that are produced by Surface Solutions Group. In addition, customers will be able to purchase a choice of titanium wire and tubing, 304 V tubing, national wire and tubing, Visi MarkPermanent Marking and Banding Technology, and a number of precision and miniature devices, such as soft tissue devices, probes, cannulas coated with optional Visi Mark Endoscopic blades, which includes all lengths of straight blades, balls, hooks, loops as well as catheters. For users to best appreciate the selection of PTFE guidewires and the uses of guidewire in a medical environment, please feel free to browse the Surface Solutions Groups website at and learn more about this green manufacturing plant and how Surface Solutions Group is setting the stand for future medical practices, with the very best quality PTFE guidewire and other coated medical products. PTFE guidewire is used daily in the medical field to track catheters, and the tight coils of the PTFE guidewire alleviate the risk of thrombus buildup. The flat-wound construction to the PTFE guidewire offers easy insertion of the core wire as well as easy withdrawal.