Surface Solutions Group, LLC is a company that is focused on creating surgical equipment and devices that are coated with PTFE, or polytetafluoroethylene, which has been manufactured by DuPont, manufacturers of PTFE. Within the medical sector, PTFE is used as a coating on wire, guidewire, as well as surgical equipment. Owing to the fact that PTFE has a natural lubricant, it is very resilient and as such, allows for easy handling and can retain shape. PTFE is used successfully to coat catheters and the PTFE coating offers kink-resistant, making it easy to insert and remove the catheter. In addition, PTFE is used to coat stainless steel tubes, which are used in cardio vascular devices and stents. Additionally, PTFE wire is used for statures and because the PTFE wire is easy to handle, it permits doctors to quickly and easily insert the stitches which are flexible and strong and the PTFE coating ensures that the statures remain in place. Even though PTFE is a natural white color, Surface Solutions Groups has created a number of grades and compounds of PTFE; therefore, colors can be changed to suit various types of applications.

Since PTFE coatings offer safety and durability, the items and devices are used in numerous medical applications, including in medical laboratories, surgical environments, and for imaging purposes, and the characteristics of PTFE include a high resistance to chemical, wear and tear and scratches, and PTFE can withstand temperatures changes from temperatures as low as -270°C to as high as 260°C. Being one of the top medical coating developers, PTFE coatings are not the only service which is provided by Surface Solutions Groups, as additional products and coatings are provided by Surface Solutions Group, LLC, and in addition, customers will be able to make purchases from titanium wire and tubing, 304 V tubing, national wire and tubing, Visi Mark® Permanent Marking and Banding Technology, as well as a selection of precision and miniature devices, like soft tissues devices, probes, cannulas coated with optional Visi Mark®, Endoscopic blades and devices, and various lengths of straight blades, balls, hooks, loop.  It is best for online users to view the Surface Solutions Groups website at, which will allow them to view technical specifications of PTFE coatings and how it has been used within a number of medical applications.

The team of professionals which make up the staff of Surface Solutions Group, LCC includes chemists, engineers, technicians and business executives who have used their education, experience and training in the fields of PTFE coatings to create an organization which is fundamentally involved in the development of applications using PTFE coatings and additional coating types. Surface Solutions Groups has received ISO 2001:2001 accreditation and they just finished construction on an eco-friendly manufacturing plant that has allowed them to reduce the carbon footprint of the facility. The air used in the manufacturing plant, where the PTFE coatings are created is of the best quality and is oil free; in fact, class 10,000 and 1,000 clean room environments are found in this high-tech and "green" manufacturing plant.