Success Stories

The staff of Surface Solutions Group has honed their collective skills by processing millions of medical parts and devices over the past four decades. The perfecting of the processing and the relentless research in both materials and application technology has coalesced at Surface Solutions Group.

The result has resulted in strategic partnerships with private and public medical device manufacturers and their R and D groups, designers and product engineers. Our research has resulted in the development of the VisiMarkSMpermanent PTFE-marking technology. Additional patented and patent-pending technologies include coated endoscopic blade coatings, anti-microbial coatings and several precision coating application technologies all being licensed by SSG.

SSG has obtained new business over the past several years by strategically partnering up with medical device companies who were PTFE coating parts in-house. As a result, SSG was able to pass along a dramatic price savings in terms of material usage and also increase the overall quality of the coated guidewires or devices. For one customer we have processed more than 2.1 million guidewires (over the past two years), ranging in length from 60 to 480 cm with diameters from .018 to .038 inches with a zero PPM.

We have an engineering staff that has created unique handling and automated coating machines with micron-coating accuracy. This ultra-accurate technology has benefited our medical industry partners with precision coating application with world-class standards. In addition, our coating research and production laboratory welcomes new projects and works with inventors, developers and engineers. Our passion is to provide unique coating formulations to help optimize the function of prototype designs.

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