PTFE Coated Glass Labware - FluoroGlass℠



The FluoroGlassSM coating service provides the ultimate in coated glassware protection and safety. The FluoroGlassSM coating process is modified with the ultimate in glass bonding technology. FluoroGlassSM coating services provide virtually transparent optical clarity, flexible strength while containing broken glass fragments, chemical resistance, chemically inert to most acids, solvents and solutions. The coating provides non-stick and easy clean characteristics, is autoclavable and can withstand high use temperatures up to 500° F.

Items typically coated with the FluoroGlassSM process include: beakers, columns, flasks, bottles, light bulbs, lenses, cylinders and evaporators. Our coating technology now protects food service, hospitals, warehouses, popcorn wagons, and an endless array of areas where a shattered light bulb or other glass can create an unsafe and dangerous situation.

Surface Solutions Group can make any coating anti-microbial upon request.

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