The Importance of PTFE Coating in the Medical Field

Posted: 3/15/2016

When it comes to non-stick coating, we often think of pots, pans, and various kitchen utensils. However, coating services are not limited to the food processing industry but are rather an integral part of a variety of industries which we rely on heavily. These include the medical, industrial, automotive, and chemical processing trades, all of which depend on a variation of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coatings to ensure the optimum function of certain processes. 

The medical industry relies on non-stick coating in more ways than one – from surgical instruments to guidewires and catheters. The non-stick coating ensures that the surface of the instrument does not gather any matter during a procedure. A PTFE coating with a non-acid formulation is also applied to a number of medical wires. These wires are necessary for a variation of medical devices and mandrels that are required to remain sterile, and which need to be protected from a number of elements, including the exposure to a variety of environments. 

Aside from the fact that non-stick coating assists us when attempting to cook the perfect fried egg, it is also an integral role-player in a number of important procedures in the medical field. 

PTFE Medical Coating for Medical Devices 

Surgical Equipment

Surgical equipment is treated with a coating of both non-stick and antimicrobial properties that ensure the lowest amount of friction between two objects. Not only is the surgical equipment sterile, but it also ensures that it does not stick to a variety of surfaces both before and during surgical environments. PTFE coating is also applied to the sterile packaging of equipment and medication to ensure that the surfaces do not stick together during any of the transportation, heating, and administration processes. 

Medical Devices and Machinery

Analytical devices and monitoring machinery contain a variety of wires and operational components that contain a PTFE coating. This coating ensures a minimal amount of friction between the components, while also keeping microorganisms from growing on the various surfaces.

Without the PTFE coating, biomedical equipment and medical machinery would be vulnerable to the growth of harmful microorganisms, painful and debilitating friction, transplant rejection, and malfunction. Call us at (773) 282-9100 for reliable coating services, and ensure that your medical equipment meets international standards.