PTFE Coated Glass

FlouroGlass is the best in PTFE coated glass that offers medical labs working with glassware the ultimate in safety. Although FlouroGlass is PTFE coated glass, it offers transparency, allowing chemists to view the quantities of the liquid that are contained in the PTFE coated glass; however, the most unique of the PTFE coated glass is that it is chemically resistant and due to this fact, all chemicals can be safety mixed in the PTFE coated glass without the risk of breakages caused by chemical reactions with the glass. The FlouroGlass offers optical clarity and its strength allows it to be used confidentially in any lab or testing facility. In addition, due to the non-stick properties of PTFE, the coated glass is easy to clean and has the ability to endure temperatures as hot as 500°F. In a lab or testing facility, the items which are manufactured from PTFE coated glass include light bulbs, flasks, bottles, lenses, cylinders, evaporators, beakers, columns and evaporators, where there is a demand for containers that are virtually indestructible and which can withstand high heating temperatures, and in addition to the PTFE coated glass, Surface Solutions Groups is able to make any PTFE coated glass antimicrobial, should the need arise.

In order to find out more about the properties of PTFE coated glass, the Surface Solutions Group website contains an information sheet, and it offers laboratories the chance to identify the advantages associated with using PTFE coated glass to conduct experiments with equipment that is transparent and flexible and which is resistant to chemical reactions that other materials are unable to handle. The PTFE coated glass is used in a number of industries, in addition to laboratory testing facilities, but other industries such as warehouses and hospitals have found that the PTFE coated glass is the solution to prevent unsafe and dangerous working conditions. In order to find out more about the properties of FlouroGlass and how PTFE coated glassware is providing safe working conditions in a number of industries, feel free to view the Surface Solutions Groups website at

In addition to the PTFE coated glass, Surface Solutions Group, LLC is committed to developing and creating coatings, which are able to increase efficiency, and as such, they make use of various coatings, such as PTFE to create items and devices used in the medical field. Since PTFE coated glass is able to contain the glass fragments after breakages of the glass item, a number of other industries are finding out that PTFE coated glass is able to create a safe working environment and as such, Surface Solutions Group, LLC are looking at various applications in which PTFE coated glasscan be used - and currently the food service industry is finding that PTFE coated glassware, such as popcorn wagons and PTFE coated glass serving items, are offering safe working conditions. The non-stick, heat resistant and chemical resistant qualities of PTFE coated glass are allowing a diverse array of industries to find uses for PTFE coated glasswithin many different uses.