Our Fundamental Principles

Consistency in a Constantly Changing Industry

The perfecting of the processing and the relentless research in both materials and application technology has coalesced at Surface Solutions Group


Every company has an end goal in mind. At SSG, our main focus is to better the medical industry by providing coating technologies that improve the function and safety of medical devices. We believe that our coatings allow medical devices to function at their highest capacity. In the medical field, with the constant advancement in technology, this doesn't happen without innovation on our end. We identify needs in the medical industry and aggressively pursue solutions to meet those needs.   

Data-driven solutionsWork ethic        Worker dedication

At SSG, we believe that this pursuit is what guides our innovation. With this innovative mindset also comes our standards for consistent results. In the medical field, there is no room for error. We take this responsibility seriously and coat your products and devices with the life of the patient in mind. This is why we consistently return your devices in better condition than when we received them.

Our goal is to leave a mark on the medical industry that is unmatched. We continue to meet this goal with innovation of technology and the consistency of results as our guiding objectives.